Some people on Twitter just cannot contain themselves to 140 characters. Here's a selection of some of their writings from their own blogs. Like Twitter, it's a mash up of the deeply personal to highly whimsical, with some great creative & visual art thrown in as well. Hope you enjoy it.

Royal Reading on knowingkimberly

If you live in Britain you simply cannot escape the royal family right now. I mean, they’ve always been there and everything but it’s particularly high saturation at the moment.

First there was the Queen’s 92nd birthday. She doesn’t even need to do anything anymore, she just needs to be the Queen. Frankly if she just walks unaided and waves without her arm falling off it’s impressive. She’s...

Concrete on knowingkimberly

OK, so we don’t actually have a new shed yet. This feels like the job that will not die. I feel like I’ve been talking about this shed since we moved into our house 3 years ago. Will it ever be built?? It’s taken on a sort of mythical quality. We all know sheds exist yet…

Anyway I am assured that it is on order and that it will, one day soon, arrive and be built. Here’s hoping.

Carrying on from my...

lightning tree on Basement of my Brain


lightning tree,

older than our memories, 

stood before we crawled,

sheltered the mothers

and fathers before.


but wood is never

stronger than fire:

so many strikes

left us hollow.


nothing makes a nest here

or sings from our branches,

too afraid of the ashes

at our heart.


lightning tree,

there is strength in our roots...

holy. on Basement of my Brain


for the dirty, the damned, the hopeless,

the helpless,

you spread your fraying soul, you showed us

every patch, every burn, every tear.

you were torn and tattered,

you were beautiful.

those threads of yours unravelling

stitching up the holes

in all our souls.


your words held us together,

pure and dark and true:


you knew me,...

It’s not like we’re jigsaw puzzle nerds on World of Moose

It’s not like we’re jigsaw puzzle nerds, we’re not dedicated enough to master the challenge of putting together a sea of baked beans, for example.

For us it’s a social activity, for family holidays, weekends away with friends and rainy days. We puzzle and chat distractedly, actually enjoying time away from our screens.

On a recent weekend away in Herefordshire, we stumbled on some jigsaws of the...

Ghostbusters on My Opinion About Things

The remake version, with Melissa McCarthy, Leslie Jones, Kirsten Wiig and Kate McKninnon. Given that I wasn’t taken by this remake, I did decide I’d at least had to watch it. So I did. The many bad feedback this film has received isn’t all that weird. At first I thought they had come up with […]

Hotel Le Point de Vue on My Opinion About Things

Mijn ouders waren zoveel jaar getrouwd. Dat moest gevierd, zoveel was duidelijk. Ze wilden iets bijzonders doen. Dus werden we (het oorspronkelijke gezin) uitgenodigd om een week lang in hotel Le Point de Vue te verblijven. ‘Dat ken je nog wel, toen je klein was, zijn we er ook geweest’, verzekerde mijn moeder me. Geen […]

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel on My Opinion About Things

This film, about -supposedly- a randomly scraped together group of British tourists who fall for a scam that is a hotel in India, is not as good as I hoped it to be, but nor as bad as I feared it to be in the end. Though packed with British actors such as Judie Dench, […]

The Struggle on ogginblog

I’d carry you if I could, my friend,

To save you burning out.

I know how hard you’re finding life

And what that’s all about.

I wish that I could make things fair

And help you get away.

It’s hard to watch you try to cope,

I don’t know what to say.

You shouldn’t have to feel like that,

It’s not what you deserve.

I don’t know why these things go on,

What purpose does it...

Invitation on ogginblog

Thanks for the invitation.

It’s really very kind.

But there’s this thing I have to do

I hope that you don’t mind.

Of course, I’d love to do the thing,

That’s where I’d want to be.

It’s really so unfortunate

That I just can’t be free.


Thanks for the invitation.

I wish that I could go.

It’s just that I’ll be busy

So, it’s a solid “no”.

I’ve got to...

night music on ogginblog

if i could sleep, i’d miss the night-time’s hum,

the distant rattling railway train,

the rolling empty tin.

i listen to this urban symphony

till light.


if i could sleep, i’d miss the thoughts that come

to gallop through my restless brain,

or settle down within.

that’s why i do not ask for sympathy


Water on ogginblog

The water holds me,

Weightless, I move with the swell,

Embracing the cold.

Crow on ogginblog

There’s a crow on the horizon and it’s calling for you,

Can you hear its black wings flapping as it flies the whole night through?

You know it’s going to find you and there’s nothing you can do.

Just lie awake and wait until your time.


There’s a crow heading inland and it’s calling your name.

It’s burdened with a problem and it’s giving you the blame.

And when it tracks you down your...

Loss on lulubellesite

My blog was intended to be light & amusing, not morose & introspective. That was OK until a few months ago. Now I feel the need to be self indulgent & wallow for a while in a stream of consciousness. It’s supposed to be cathartic so please forgive me. I am writing this for my own benefit but have decided to post. Everyone experiences loss to a greater or lesser extent. At the moment I feel surrounded by it. I had heard of 3...

Heatwave on ogginblog

You can tell when the weather is pleasant

By the horrible presence of knees.

And the definite lack of deodorant

In the scents that waft in on the breeze.

There’s a ban against using your hosepipe,

The heat causes rail delays.

The weather man tells us it’s scorching

And predicts it will swelter for days.

There are photos of girls in bikinis

In the newspapers and on TV.


Bigots on ogginblog

I don’t believe that I will ever see

The world that I had hoped would come to pass.

As long as people let the bigots be

Then all their bitter thoughts will just amass.

While any look down on their fellow men

Then how can we expect a real peace?

The world will tear itself apart again.

Perhaps this time the killing will not cease.

Until such time as none are left alive

Or only those...

Silent Song on ogginblog

She sings in silence,

Note by note.

Mute melodics,

Soaring free.

In time, perhaps

She’ll find her voice

And sing her song to me.


She can’t remember

Her own voice.

Perhaps she hears it

In her head.

In time, perhaps

She’ll find a way

To bring it out instead.


She sings in silence,

Lacking words.

Her music...

The Mystery on ogginblog

From the edge of the park I see

The railway bridge and the Georgian row.

The rugby posts catch the setting sun

In a wooden frame.

The people walking by

Don’t see me where I stand,

Melting into the worn brick.

That suits me fine.

Sounds fly in from every side,

Even above, from the birds and planes

And swishing leaves paint a wash

Over the harsh clatter.


Conflict on ogginblog

Cold hearts,

Hot words,

Old sins,

New hurts.

Short fuse,

Long days,

Soft ties,

Hard ways.

Tight coil,

Loose binds,

Strong thoughts,

Weak minds.

False hope,

True fate,

No love,

All hate.

Struggling on My progress and recovery from Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia

I feel horrific for feeling sad for myself out of others happiness. Life is a struggle at the moment. Shadowed by awful fatigue. Being exhausted before I even get out of bed. 

This has an impact. Makes you feel down. Happiness is so much harder when your eyeballs hurt and you feel like you’ve been punched in the face. So my internal chat darkens. I become full of self pity. Which I hate. And then self loathing. 
Why can...

Cool on ogginblog

I’ve never been cool,

And I never will.

I wouldn’t even know where to start.

My clothes are not chic,

It’s often been said,

But I don’t ever take it to heart.


I don’t have that air

Of artistic style

That cooler people seem to exude.

And when they decide

Who to let in their clique.

I’m not the type that they would include.


My hobbies...

My Cat on ogginblog

I bought my cat a cushion,

As soft as cotton wool.

Yet, now she’s in the laundry bag,

Despite it being full.

I fill her bowl with water

That’s clear, fresh and cool,

Then see her in the garden,

Drinking from a muddy pool.

I get the food she’s fond of,

The flavour she likes most.

But suddenly, she hates it

And prefers to lick my toast.

I built my cat a scratch...

Notting Hill on My Opinion About Things

An utterly sweet, but quite unrealistic depicting about the love between a super moviestar Anna Scott (Julia Roberts) and a travelbook salesman William Thacker (Hugh Grant). After meeting for the first time in his travelbookshop, there’s initially no spark at all between Anna and William. He likes the fact that there is a moviestar in […]

Gilmore Girls, revisited on My Opinion About Things

This series, based on the earlier, far more successful and far more funny Gilmore Girls, about a teenmom and her daughter, should not have been made. It’s always tricky to plunge into a project as such, when a series has been that successful. You want to retaste, you want to re-experience the good times had. […]

Controlling the Weather on ogginblog

I’ve started controlling the weather.

I know that it sounds quite absurd,

But wait till you hear why I say this

And then you’ll believe every word.

Last weekend I made a decision

To work on the garden, you see,

As long as the weather was pleasant

As the forecasters said it would be.

I got out my gloves and my wellies,

My trowel, my rake and my hoe.

I dug out the key to the...

Count on ogginblog

One is the moon, alone, untamed,

Changeable, fluid, strong.

Two is the dance of day and night,

Moving to life’s dark song.

Three is the water, wind and air,

Rolling around the rock.

Four is the bulk of the compass,

Making the world’s great clock.

All are the Earth and the space around,

The land and the lives within.

Where each real story flows to an end

To allow even...

Fake News on ogginblog

I read it in the paper;

It’s definitely true.

Those guys are proper journalists,

The truth is what they do.

They’ve done extensive research;

There’s no way they can fail.

You know that you can trust the Daily Mail.


I read it in the paper;

I’m certain that it’s real.

There’s something to cause cancer

In every single meal.

They only want to keep us well...

The Titan on My Opinion About Things

Sam Worthington, Taylor Schilling, Tom Wilkinson and so many others. Given that I’ve written a small scifi book myself, which more or less has the same theory in it -humans having to find a way to be able to live on different planets- I very much liked the start of the film. It’s funny to […]