Some people on Twitter just cannot contain themselves to 140 characters. Here's a selection of some of their writings from their own blogs. Like Twitter, it's a mash up of the deeply personal to highly whimsical, with some great creative & visual art thrown in as well. Hope you enjoy it.

Sleepless on ogginblog

Will I ever sleep a whole night through?

Sometimes, I don’t think I ever will.

Experts tell me what I ought to do

And yet I find myself unsleeping still.

Can I give myself up to the dreams?

Hoping that my body will obey

The orders that my mind will surely give,

To rest until the night has turned to day.

Can I still the thoughts that churn and rage?

Nudging me from on the edge of...

Jenny’s Wedding on My Opinion About Things

Katherine Heighl playing a serious part in a dreadfully long film about her being gay with Alexis Bledel is a seriously bad plan. They should have switched parts, though that would barely have worked, given that Alexis is truly such a sweetheart. But the part of Kitty is barely there and you know Alexis should […]

Sense Haiku on ogginblog

Look at the shadows.

See how they bend in the light,

Emphasising shape.


Hear the world whisper.

Soft sounds drift between our lives,

Forging connections.


Breathe in life’s sharp scent.

Detect its bold undertones,

Building memories.


Touch the cracked terrain.

Push its teeth into your skin,

Fading to numbness.


Song on ogginblog

Sing me no songs of love and light,

Of laughter, friends and summers bright.

No lilting lyrics tinged with bliss,

Sing me instead a song of this:

Salah, coming down the wing,

Dodging round and letting swing,

He strikes the ball and lets it fly,

The goalie sees it whistle by.

Your “moon and June” means nought to me.

Nor tea for two and two for tea.

I have no use for songs of...

Under the Dome on My Opinion About Things

With Mike Vogel, Rachelle Lefevre, Alexander Koch, Colin Ford, Mackenzie Lintz, Dean Norris, Aisha Hinds and many others. This series barely knows any dull moments until season 3 hits the floor. Until then, it’s so very dynamic, intruiging and you’re on the tip of your seat most of the time. Fantastically written, sometimes a wee […]

Hidden Talent on ogginblog

I must have a hidden talent,

Everybody’s got one.

Why would all the rest be whizz-kids

If yours truly’s not one?

Maybe I’m a secret artist,

Like a second Dali.

All attempts so far have made me

Look a proper Charlie.

It’s unlikely there’s a dancer

Bursting to get out.

Pretty sure I’d blow a gasket,

Jiggling about.

I could be a great soprano,

But for one...

Day’s End on ogginblog

When the day falls back

And the moon comes up,

As the stars come out

And the heat turns down,

While the moths fly in

And the owls swoop by,

Once the foxes screech

And the voices fade,

Now the light has gone

And the blooms have closed,

Then I ask myself

How I grew so cold.

NaPoWriMo Panic Sonnet on ogginblog

At fifteen minutes after nine at night,

A sudden thought came swiftly to my mind,

That March, in all its glory, did take flight

And in its place had April left behind.

It being so, a month of poems lies

Ahead of me and I must make a start.

I’m bound to mess up many of these tries

And see my rhyme and meter fall apart.

But, being NaPoWriMo, I will sit

And wrack my tired brain for...

Oops! on knowingkimberly

I’ve already had messages from people who follow my blog via email pointing out that there were some grammatical and continuity errors in my most recent post.


Skip, Shed, Tree, Arch on knowingkimberly

I realise calling this blog post “Skip, Shed, Tree, Arch” is quite a mouthful. Maybe if you say it very quickly it might sound quite good, a bit like “Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy”… albeit more garden-based.

On a side note, I have to tell you that I did find that film SO BORING. Not even Tom Hardy could save it for me and that really is quite the insult as I’d watch him in absolutely anything....

Anomalisa on My Opinion About Things

This is quite an interesting, but confusing one at the same time. In a time where so many tricks are being made with animation, this one really sticks out. It’s a grownup film, mind, with a scenes that reminded me of films like Being John Malkovich, The Shining, Lost in Translation, Thunderbirds and even Little […]

A plea to health care professionals, about pain. on Good enough will have to do

When I wrote up the pain scales yesterday, I was aiming to make it as clear and easy to use as possible – both for those needing to describe and those needing to assess someone else’s pain. That meant that I left a lot of things out. Things that have often frustrated me about interactions with health care professionals.

I have no idea how much training is given to spotting someone in pain and assessing it accurately, or what form...

Pain scales on Good enough will have to do

For @puncroaker, and anyone else who might find it useful.

Pain is an incredibly difficult thing to describe, and there’s always the worry that what seems obvious to you, may not mean the same thing to someone else, so I have my own way of describing pain levels, using fire as a scale. Why fire? Well, pain can be useful. Back when we lived in caves and slept around huge roaring fires to keep wild animals at bay, pain signals helped...

(Re)telling tales: Peg O’Nell on Wild Writes

The following text reproduced below was adapted to retell the story of Peg O’Nell, retold for Georgey on BBC Local, October 2017.


Clitheroe lies south of the Forest of Bowland. It’s a pretty town in the Ribble Valley, Lancashire and close to Pendle Hill, the site which continues to capture the imagination as it’s linked with the famous 1612 witch trials. With rows...

Words for MPs on My progress and recovery from Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia

I have lived with blood Cancer and been on oral chemotherapy every day since I was 22. That’s 11 years 2 months and one day.  I will live with it for the rest of my life. Nearly feinting twice in a week led to a blood test on Friday 19th January 2007, in the morning, and that night, a phone call from the Western General in Edinburgh and enough information given to me to work out they thought I had cancer to get me to  go to the...

the mountain. on Basement of my Brain


once you were in springtime

and everything was new.

your slopes cloaked in bursting green,

birdsong in the branches.

you did not know that you were a mountain

only that hope was growing everywhere,

pushing through the soil,

lighting up your lengthening days

and bringing you clear nights, full

of stars and wonder.

summer came, and you fell in love


(REPOST) Poetry Collaboration – ‘A Woman’s War’ (link to the poem) on Wild Writes

This is reposted from my PhD research blog:

Rochdale Rainbow

Wandering past the leisure centre heading towards the rainbow: last night’s walk to KYP...

The Impossible on My Opinion About Things

This film is based on the tsunami that occurred in Thailand during Boxing Day that year. A family of four; mother (Naomi Watts), father (Ewan McGregor), and three sons (Tom Holland, Samuel Joslin and Oaklee Pendergast), are just vacationing in their hotel when the tsunami suddenly hits and surprises everyone on that coastline. It’s intruiging […]

Mr B’s on knowingkimberly

Yesterday my husband and I both took the day off and drove down to Bath to carry out one of my lovely 40th birthday experience presents that I was gifted.

I was going for a reading spa.

No, this is not where you go to a spa and someone paints your nails and massages your head whilst you read a book (although that would be fantastic). I was going to the beautiful independent bookshop Mr...

Alcohol on My Opinion About Things

It’s one of the strangest substances. It is wildly popular amongst those who are not legally allowed to take it yet, and yet it’s a cause of very many unpleasant accidents globally. I don’t drink alcohol. I have no idea what the fuzz is all about. I am of an age that I’m allowed to […]

minnows. on Basement of my Brain


a shoal of flashing minnows darting downstream,

have you ever tried to hold them in your hands?

you close your fists, but you’re just clutching water;

it’s like trying to catch the sunlight where it lands.

I’m on the bank, I’m watching shoals of minnows

and each one is a moment I could grasp.

my life swims by; I curse my clumsy fingers

and tired eyes for letting time slip past.


Annihilation on My Opinion About Things

With Natalie Portman, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Gina Rodriguez, Tessa Thompson and Tuva Novotny. This film fascinated me from the beginning, but that stopped a bit before the end. I have always been interested in Biology, so the things that occur to Lena (played by Natalie Portman) seem quite awesome to me. Her way of looking […]

fortune. on Basement of my Brain


come, read my palm;

I keep my secret stories

tightly clenched in silence.

here is my heart line, crossed

with tiny razor cuts, a tally

of every time I bled

to stay dumb, to stay numb.

here is my head line, bruised

from so many attempts to shake

those memories that looped in spirals.

alcohol almost scrubbed them clean,

but only ever almost....

LinkedIn on My Opinion About Things

Speaking as a barely-user (but having an account, yes) I must say I’m not that impressed by this particular network. If you see how many options, oppertunities and contact possibilities Facebook has -the network some claim it has similarities with- LinkedIn is the late-to-the-table party here. It is supposed to be for growing networks, but […]

Collateral on My Opinion About Things

With Carey Mulligan, Nathaniel Martello-White, Billie Piper, John Simm and loads of others. Don’t expect a prolongued untangling of a strong beginning. This is a miniseries. With a proper start, I’d say. After delivering a pizza, a courier is killed in the streets. Given that the courier wasn’t the one that was originally supposed to […]

Would Shakespeare be on Social Media? on Carol Hedges

Left jaw-dropped on Sunday...

Children’s books on My Opinion About Things

So, as it goes, I threw a tweet in twittersphere this morning. About children’s books. I’m an -unpublished- author myself. I write in every direction possible. I write children’s stories, young adult stories, I wrote a science fiction novel, a detective one, a romantic one, a dramatic one, I also write this blog. As I […]

Brave on My Opinion About Things

When I first heard and read about Brave, I thought it was so cool: a Scottish girl going after her own destiny of needing to marry someone her parents prepared herself for. Initially, the film starts out funny and good. You see Merida growing up with her doting parents, who play hide & seek with […]