Some people on Twitter just cannot contain themselves to 140 characters. Here's a selection of some of their writings from their own blogs. Like Twitter, it's a mash up of the deeply personal to highly whimsical, with some great creative & visual art thrown in as well. Hope you enjoy it.

BEING Young & Twenty Submission • Ana on Young & Twenty

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Follow On Instagram Ana Lavos
A Thought Into Paper
Age • 23

“Looking at modern society 20-year olds, we are full grown adults with more responsibilities than ever.”

BEING Young & Twenty is a bridge...

impossible heart. on Basement of my Brain


I am not possible

I'm just fantasy

though I feel like a girl

and I thought I was me.


didn't know I was false hope,

believed I really was true

but I'm just wishes and wants

when the dreaming is through -


I don't know what happens

to a girl that's not real

whose impossible heart

believes it can feel -


it's hurting so much

but how can...

BEING Young & Twenty Submission • Siobhán on Young & Twenty

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Follow On Instagram Siobhán Collins
Age • 25

“Reflecting on your life at the age of 25 doesn’t always go down like a spoonful of sugar.”

Reflecting on your life at 25...

BEING Young & Twenty Submission • Ashleigh on Young & Twenty

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Follow On Instagram Ashleigh Davis
The Story Of Ashleigh Davis
Age • 20

“It’s time to think for yourself. Defend yourself and be the best that you can be.”


Tits and ass on bustythewench

*this post has been edited to reflect a better choice of words 

Once upon a time I was happy to post pictures of my body because I had found some confidence in the way I looked. 

It was so shallow though. 

People using my pictures for their own ends with false words of encouragement. 

I’ve learned my lesson. 

The shame is back in place 


So tired  on bustythewench

So tired of being tired. 

Depression is squeezing every last ounce of energy from me. 

I struggle to keep going. 


Unknown  on bustythewench

So many things unknown just now 

Girl’s club can’t offer her training anymore, she has to trial with new club. 

No guarantee they’ll accept her. 

No guarantee she’ll like them. 

A new set of challenges for me. 
A new timetable, a new venue, new parents to get to know. 

And I have to deal with my fear of the unknown while reassuring her; giving her...

Weekend on Ramdom thoughts

A few weeks ago our son asked us if he could maybe stay over sometime, his room is still there obviously, even though the wardrobe is now being used for our overspill, so we had a think about it, and as things where we is living were good, and he seems himself in a good place, we agreed to a night, the Friday, with a view of spending a day out somewhere on the Saturday and dropping him off home in the evening.He actually moved house around a...

Love & Lust • Fate Has No Patience on Young & Twenty

“I continue to lose you as I fight an impossible battle, but as fate has promised – this will one day make sense.”

I wasn’t ready to love you when I met you.

There wasn’t anything you couldn’t said – or anything you could’ve done. You gave me the chance to have you. You gave me the opportunity to miss you. You gave me nights alone, looking at my bed, without you...

BEING Young & Twenty Submission • Kirsty on Young & Twenty

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Follow On Instagram Kirsty Thomson
Kirsty Ann Thomson
Age • 23

 I want to own my own home within the next few years, but I also want to be able to do at least one decent push-up!”


Who am I? on bustythewench

The simple answer is that I don’t know. 

I’ve spent my whole life being what I thought people wanted me to be. 

When I chose my school exam subjects, I chose the same ones that my older sister did. 
Because my parents liked her, if I chose the same they’d like me too? Yes?

(They didn’t)

I’m now 44 and have no idea who I am.   What I want. Who I want to be....

St. Patrick’s Day on lulubellesite

Today is St. Patrick’s today. It always has a special meaning for me, partly because my maternal grandfather was born on St Patrick’s Day.  He died when I was 10 but I adored him. He was highly intelligent, had a dry wit & very sparkly eyes. He left school at a very young age but he taught himself Spanish when he was in his 70’s and also some Greek. In the 1960’s he & my grandmother trawled round Europe in a tiny...

Why I Quit Blogging [ Saying Goodbye Young & Twenty ! ] on Young & Twenty

I’ve decided to move on from Young & Twenty.
For awhile at least.

I’ve already moved onto a new adventure – though.

I want to find MY voice by helping you to find YOURS.

to find out why I quit blogging

BEING Young & Twenty Submission • Charlotte on Young & Twenty

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Follow On Instagram Charlotte Racher
Age • 20

“Some friends have already got their career sorted,some have babies,and some are still hanging out at the place they used to when they were 14....

BEING Young & Twenty Submission • Dayne on Young & Twenty

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Follow On Instagram Dayne Svendsen
A Schizoaffective Story
Age • 18

“The amount of experiences I have gone through, both positive and negative, have required me to ‘grow up’ a lot...

Love & Lust • Bonded By Time on Young & Twenty

“You can convince yourself you can love a person again and again, but one day you’ll learn that love is never the same love the second time around.”

Rekindled love will start off as amazing. You’ll talk about the past.

The love you lost and the love you found.

You’ll laugh about the times you stayed out past curfew, and the times you outran the cops. The times you were...

BEING Young & Twenty Submission • Meeca-Amirah on Young & Twenty

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Follow On Instagram Meeca-Amirah Jackson
Amateur Poet
Age • 22

 “It is almost laughable how more mature and confident I am now compared to when I was 20. In the span of 2 years, I have grown so much I...

Mr. Pollock on At Jeffw's

             During the forty-three first years of his life, Apollonius Heunislas Pollock had always been punctual.
From the cradle, he had shown a meticulous precision in everything he did. He was born the day the doctors and mid-wives had...

RealTalk Poetry • “You Love Me Too, Right?” on Young & Twenty


What is a drug?

A drug is the arms that hold you closely at night.
The soft voice that asks, “and you love me too, right?”

A drug is the ashes you flick from your smoke.
Deep inhales and exhales....

Telling the dog to 'get a life', the excitement and horrors of a live performance on World of Moose

Moose is doing a spot at the Pun Run Twitter Special tonight.  He's been pacing around the house anxiously, all morning, unable to draw. In an effort to distract him before his train leaves for London I interviewed him about why he agreed to do it. He talks about punning and the terrors of a live performance. Apologies for the poor sound, my phone was facing the wrong way...

BEING Young & Twenty Submission • Shannon on Young & Twenty

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Follow On Instagram
Polka Dot Girl
Age • 28

“While you’re trying to focus on building your career, you also need to focus on relationships, friendships, personal development and maybe starting a family.”...

Room 304 on At Jeffw's

The weirdest part of this story is that it is partially autobiographical...

Norbert had cancer.It was eating him up for so long now that he didn't pay any attention to it any more, despite the ever present pain.
Harold was mainly suffering of dementia.He had forgotten all of his past as a stone mason and was now maintaining the looks and habits of a little polite and stunted professor, with a gift to persuade visitors to bring...

The latte millionaire fallacy on

Edit: This got picked up by the New York Post - hi to everybody who clicked through from there.


De Gelukkige Huisvrouw (boek) on My Opinion About Things

Dit was het eerste boek wat ik van Heleen van Royen las. Vermoedelijk vond ik het daarom ook zo leuk. De sneren die worden uitgedeeld aan vrouwen die zich, zowel op voorhand (tijdens de zwangerschap) als naderhand (als de boreling er is) zodanig op het moederschap storten dat je er automatisch een reflux aan overhoud, […]...

Ebru versus Sylvana on My Opinion About Things

Ik kreeg laatst commentaar op twitter toen ik daar zei dat ik Ebru Umar zo’n heerlijk mens vond en Sylvana Simons zo’n zure zeiker. Commentaar. Niet zozeer negatief, maar wel de vraag: ‘oh, waarom dan?’ Twitter is voor korte berichtjes, dus niet zo heel geschikt om een discussie aan te gaan. De persoon in kwestie […]...

Who the hell is Bonnie? on

My mum with me and my brother

I've been overwhelmed with the responsive to my last post - that you all x. A common response has been "no words". And there aren't any. To know that you have read it and have compassion for me is very comforting, and more that I...

When music stirs up too much  on bustythewench

I had started this 30 day music challenge on the 1st March. ...

Glitch, Netflix on My Opinion About Things

This series on Netflix, has a storyline similar to The Returned, except the characters climb literally out of their tombes. The problem is that the one who wrote the story forgot to give any of the characters any of that. The first 4 or 5 episodes, you won’t witness any variety in responses to the […]...

The day I became a killer on

View from Torridon - a place we both loved

"FUCK" John shouted.

It was enough to rouse me from my sleep on the back seat.

Next thing I knew I was out of the car screaming at the top of my voice "Bonnie, get out now! Get the fuck out. Now. Bonnie, now!"

A man put his arm on my shoulder. I turned to punch...