Some people on Twitter just cannot contain themselves to 140 characters. Here's a selection of some of their writings from their own blogs. Like Twitter, it's a mash up of the deeply personal to highly whimsical, with some great creative & visual art thrown in as well. Hope you enjoy it.

Ik haal je op, ik neem je mee. Niccolò Ammaniti on My Opinion About Things

De bestseller van Niccolò Ammaniti. Zoals in een eerder blog van me te lezen valt, had ik eerst ‘Jij en ik’ van dezelfde schrijver gelezen. Die beviel me ook beter. Bij ‘Ik haal je op, ik neem je mee’ is de vertelstijl weliswaar op zichzelf net zo beeldend en prachtig omschreven, maar Ammaniti slaagt er […]

Jij en ik, Niccolò Ammaniti on My Opinion About Things

Hoewel op de kaft van het boek vooral wordt gerept over ‘Ik haal je op, ik neem je mee’ (Ti prendo e ti porto) moet ik zeggen dat ik beide boeken heb gelezen en hier meer van genoten heb. Lorenzo wordt op een ochtend wakker in zijn prettige leven, maar het gaat hem allemaal niet […]

#Repealthe8th on My Opinion About Things

Yesterday I got caught up in another twitter discussion. I usually stay far away from it. Discussions on twitter -especially with strangers- are doomed to fail as it either ends up in namecalling or being blocked in one way or another. I wasn’t gonna, either, yesterday. But the #repealthe8th hashtag and the stories attached to […]

Bad Moms on My Opinion About Things

This film is really not that funny as it wants to be. A small group of absolutely over-the-top-perfect mothers, namely Gwendolyn (perfectly bitchy played by Christina Applegate), Stacy (Jada Pinkett Smith) and Vicky (Annie Mumolo) are basically screwing every inch of proper selfesteem that any mother who is really trying, could have. So step aside […]

little morning birds. on Basement of my Brain


they sing of joy, of hope;

exultant in the darkness,

made brave by a blind certainty

that the sun will rise again.

tiny hearts’ rapture bubbles up

to greet each new dawn;

unsurprised, delighted.

these little morning birds

are an echo of the flicker, the pulse

from your brittle twig chests

that sang from the machine

in dark hospital rooms


Stomach flu on My Opinion About Things

I wouldn’t recommend it, unless you really fancy feeling like you’re dying. It’s ‘funny’ how it usually starts at night by throwing everything out you’ve eaten. For the past week or month. Neh, just skip it and go for a regular flu. That’s still shit, but it feels less like being an alive corpse (also […]

The Cloverfield Paradox on My Opinion About Things

After having seen other Cloverfield-titled films, I was a bit sceptic about this one. None of them have been particularly pleasing to me. I’ve understood it’s a bit like Star Wars: they all tie together. It’s just that the Cloverfieldlane one was actually the best so far. And that one was weird already. Anyway. This […]

Red Dragon on My Opinion About Things

Edward Norton against Anthony Hopkins and Ralph Fiennes, along with Harvey Keitel, Emily Watson and Mary-Louise Parker. This prequel of The Silence of the Lambs shows how Hannibal Lecter got busted himself. Well, that’s how the film starts. He actually helps, like he did in Silence of the Lambs. And in a far less pestering […]

Cloverfield on My Opinion About Things

I was barely able to watch this film, to be fair. It’s Jurassic Parc crossed with The Blair Witch Project, but worse. Given that it is filmed with homevideo techniques, I became seasick in the first quarter and it kept that way. Not once is the camera calmly aimed at one thing at the time. […]

Tips on Talks on Carol Hedges

Once it...

Shaun of the Dead on My Opinion About Things

With Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Kate Ashfield, Lucy Davis, Dylan Moran, Penelope Wilton and so on. If you’ve seen the film ‘Paul’ then you know you have to watch this one aswell. The same power duo (Simon Pegg and Nick Frost) in an idiot film. They are basically Shaun the Loser, who doesn’t dare to […]

The Holiday on My Opinion About Things

Aside the fact that this is a total chickflick, it is quite amusing and at least one that gives you a good feeling. Story: Amanda (played by Cameron Diaz) and Iris (Kate Winslet) swop houses for the December holidays, given the fact that both have trouble in their lovelive. Amanda just broke up, Iris has […]

The Louvre, Paris, France on My Opinion About Things

For our honeymoon, my husband and me ended up in Paris. With about 50 books for proper touring (I never read any of them, hubby read nearly all) I just started walking from our hotel to the Louvre. With success, I might add. My knees were heavily protesting, but woohoo: I’d found the Louvre! My […]

The Guggenheim Museum in NYC on My Opinion About Things

Yes, a bit out of the ordinairy for me: to talk about a museum on here. Then again: my blog DOES state ‘my opinion on things’. And well, a museum could very well be such a thing, according to myself. So, what IS so special about this particular museum, then? To be fair I’ve only […]

My Big Fat Greek Wedding on My Opinion About Things

This film is a delight to watch. Nia Vardalos, who plays Toula, the single single from her family who wants more than just her typical Greek familylife in Chicago, America, fights her way free of those family traditions. With John Corbett playing Ian Miller, and Michael Constantine playing Costa Portokalos, Toula’s dad, this should be […]

Fed up. Again. on My progress and recovery from Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia

Nothing particularly has changed recently but I am feeling fed up. And it culminated yesterday on world cancer day. It really fucked me off. And I don’t know why. Well. I probably do. For most they might only experience one or two during their treatment. It’s my 11th. 11 fucking years of cancer. 
And I saw posts of people suggesting what to do. Take people food. Give them a ring. See how they are. Well really. That should be happening...

Line of Duty, season 4 on My Opinion About Things

Having seen the previous seasons -except for season 1, I should add, because Netflix never showed me that one- I was curious about the fourth one. The seasons I’ve seen before had quite a strong storyline and knew pretty well how to keep the tention. Season 4 quite delivered. Line of Duty is all about […]

Het Labyrint der geesten, Carlos Ruiz Zafón on My Opinion About Things

Dit boek heb ik tot mijn grote vreugde gewonnen via HP De Tijd, dus dat moest ik natuurlijk enorm lezen. Het is het laatste boek in de serie van ‘De Schaduw Van De Wind’, met onder andere de familie Sempere, hoewel het begint met Fermín de Torres en zijn moeilijkheden om Spanje binnen te komen […]

The Break on My Opinion About Things

A French thriller. It starts out so well. A teen is found dead in the river, in a small village in the Ardennes, Belgium. They’ve put an inspector with a fuzzy backgroundstory at the head of investigation (of course) a police officer (the doofus) who has an affair with a woman who wants to build […]

My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 on My Opinion About Things

As it goes with sequels of an earlier successful films, (except for the Shrek series, I thought every film of that one was brilliant!) this is another example of poor judgement. On the plus side: they at least got the entire cast of the first film to play along in this one too. They first […]

Het Kerstdiner on My Opinion About Things

‘Fucking hell, Juultje, knoei eens niet zo!’ Renate onderbrak haar gesprek met de schoonvader van haar schoonvader om haar vierjarige dochter terecht te wijzen, die de oerlelijke, net nieuwe servetten van de dochter van deze schoonvader gebruikte als canvas met haar bordje ossenstaartsoep. ‘Dat is niet érg hoor’, sprak Renate’s schoonvader Theo daarop goedgemutst. ‘Nou […]

The other side of #meToo on My Opinion About Things

A while ago I wrote here about my own experience in the #meToo flow. This is not about that. Ever since the movement #meToo became a hit, people, mostly (young) women, but also (young) men have come forward with their stories about what happened to them. A good thing, because it has so clearly indicated […]

Cancer On Board on My progress and recovery from Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia

My little charity. 
Nearly a year ago the paperwork came...

Things I learned during Radiotherapy on Carol Hedges

1. Radiation therapy uses a special...

3 Reasons to Self-Publish on Carol Hedges

With publication of the fifth Victorian...

11 Years Today on My progress and recovery from Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia

11 years. Can't quite believe it. I haven't cried this week. That's strange. Normally in the lead up I'm a bit emotional, weepy. Not this year. And I think I only cried once over Christmas! Maybe I managed 10 years and now it's just another tally on the sheet. Becoming less relevant.  I don't know. 

Or maybe because the last couple of weeks since being back in London has been really busy. No time to think and dwell on me....

The Frozen Dead on My Opinion About Things

This French series on Netflix is an interesting one. The first episode so clearly reminds you of The Silence of the Lambs, you’re sort of wondering if it can really be that good? The answer is: it depends on how you look at it. The detective part of this story isn’t too strong in my […]...

Het Einde Van de Luidruchtige Huisgenoten/End of the Loud Roommates on My Opinion About Things

Huisvergadering ‘Jongens, we móeten echt een huisvergadering houden’, sprak Karel. Al geruime tijd had hij last van de geluidsoverlast van Leon, de mooiboy in het huis. Leon liet zijn computer met muziek graag snoeihard aanstaan. Ook als hij niet thuis was. En in tegenstelling tot Jenna, Pien en Hannah, die hun deur ook weleens níet […]...

Luidruchtige Huisgenoten on My Opinion About Things

Luidruchtige Huisgenoten Op een avond zaten ze met een aantal in de gemeenschappelijke huiskamer Friends te kijken. Leuk en gezellig hingen ze op elkaar op de bank. Toen kwam Jenna hoogst vermoeid en in haar nachthemd binnen stappen. ‘Hallooooo’ groette die, wat teneergeslagen. ‘Wat is er met jou aan de hand?’ vroeg Theo verbaasd, zijn […]...