Some people on Twitter just cannot contain themselves to 140 characters. Here's a selection of some of their writings from their own blogs. Like Twitter, it's a mash up of the deeply personal to highly whimsical, with some great creative & visual art thrown in as well. Hope you enjoy it.

small on Basement of my Brain

what is the smallest you have ever been? 

small as a sparrow, darting branch to branch?

matchstick-brittle bones,

heart a rapid flicker in your downy throat.


maybe you have days when you’re

tiny as a pebble, sea-smooth and shy?

lost amidst a throng, 

or rolling in the palm of some strange hand.


have you ever been a grain of sand, 

have you been ash...

shanty. on Basement of my Brain


no man is an island

but some women are

one, at least;

the sea rushed in years ago

and flooded everything I’d known.


now only my face

stays above water

high tide almost drowns me

and there is nothing, nothing

to be seen from here

but sky and ocean,

ocean and sky;

on the greyest days

they could be the same.

How-To Start A Blog From Scratch on Young & Twenty

Creating a successful blog and brand takes A LOT of time and hard work.

Certainly, more than I ever expected.The glitches that keep you up all night and the sense of perfection you can never achieve. There’s always a post to write. A piece to share. A photo to take. A comment to respond to. A link to fix....

6 • WordPress Plugin’s I’ve Used ( And Highly Recommend You Do Too ) on Young & Twenty

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The A – Z Guide To Become A Successful Blogger on Young & Twenty

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6 • Ways To Fill Your Blog With Original And Copyright – FREE Photos on Young & Twenty

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bone-deep. on Basement of my Brain


I’m tired

of living the half lives

of almost loves.


I’m tired

of looking away

from my present

away from

the little that I have

towards the more

that I never will,

no matter how

I hope.


I’m tired

of finding reasons

to believe that I, this I,

the only one I have

is not enough

must be better


Biologieles / Biology class on My Opinion About Things

Op de middelbare school waar ik zat waren alleen maar afdankertjes van andere scholen te vinden. Ikzelf was niet beter. Ik begon in het tweede jaar, zoals de meesten. In het derde jaar kregen we er twee nieuwe klasgenoten bij. Een van hen, een jongen genaamd Abram, bezorgde de klas op een dag veel gegiechel. Toen […]...

10 Cloverfield Lane on My Opinion About Things

When Michelle, a young woman, decides to leave her boyfriend (or husband, or fiancé, this wasn’t exactly clear to me)she had no idea how drastically her life would suddenly change. She decides to get the car and drive away, but meets with disaster on her way to wherever. Once she awakes, it’s mostly to confusion. […]...

Armistice Day 2017 on Carol Hedges

 'No shelter from the kniving wind...

Heavy heart on My progress and recovery from Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia

I don't really know where to start. Fatigue. Needing 11 hours sleep and exhausted by lunchtime. Pain. Nausea. Sounds a lot like early pregnancy. Except I don't get a baby at the end of it. Hopefully one day. Hope. 

I can't even get the words out. I am so fucking fed up of it all. 
Interferon. I have renamed it 'interfering in my life fucking shit wank pile of drugs'. So that sums it up really. 
An application...

The Crows Ate Well That Day on Experimental Fiction

’twas dawn that called, In all its fire, To start the raging battle, Such armour shone, And voices raised, All swords were set to rattle. The sweeping armies Formed their lines, With strength to hold their sway, And though the tales A victory told, The crows ate well that day. Their champions strode, With hero’s […]...

EU too? Reflections from EU Citizens in the UK. on Carol Hedges

I have written several blog posts about...

A spot of immersive storytelling on

Yesterday marked the launch of one of New Internationalist's first multimedia immersive long-form pieces, Smoke and Mirrors. Cooking smoke is responsible for a staggering amount of deaths in the world — more than malaria, tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS combined. Not only that, the need for wood c

Woody, Mia, Dylan and Soon-Yi on My Opinion About Things

Oh yes, let’s have an opinion on that, shall we? Woody Allen is one of the most successfull storytellers of Hollywood. Everyone wants to work with him, thinks his work is amazing, a piece of art and so on. I’ve been watching some of his films. Annie Hall being one of them and the most […]...

Asking on Experimental Fiction

Asking once more for an awkward assertion, Begging for blindness, borrowing time, Calmly you call me, craving coercion, Dwelling on distance where damage is mine. Everything evil, you expect subversion, Forecast the future though falling apart, Grateful for nothing, a gift to be certain, Harrowing history colours your heart. Injured and ignorant, empty inversion, Justice […]...

Endling (Whimword entry) on My Opinion About Things

‘You?! You have to be recreated, or else it will be the end of creatures just like you??’ professor Doublebore wasn’t sure he’d heard right. His ears were stuffed with years of knowledge, as he’d like to call it. Objectively (or factually) he had a beard that was so intensively present that one could never […]...

Beth's Exciting Asthmatic Adventures on

About three months ago I got a bloody awful cold. Over the following weeks this was followed by a cough, then a sinus infection, then a chest infection. The chest infection then apparently triggered some kind of latent propensity for asthma that I didn't know that I had. Fundamentally I've just spent a lot of the last three months coughing, wheezing and feeling like I've been hit by a truck, leaving me with the attention span of a labrador...

baptism on Basement of my Brain

an amber sea at my feet

and I am walking on water. 

copper surf rolls, glowing

as I splash, crunching across - 


a sudden gust pulls a whirlpool

up around my boots, and higher,

until it whips my hair. 


I think that I could disappear

beneath this autumn ocean

until I’m just the smell of woodland

and soft decay - 


then I will rise, reborn:

a little...

#MeToo on My Opinion About Things

Like the church a few years ago, Harvey Weinstein and lots of other big Hollywood bozo’s suddenly collapse under the force that’s the united complaints of loads of people who finally go and tell who exactly harassed them when they were young. I hear many men complain ‘oi, it’s not ALL MEN?! I was actually […]...

Anne Faber en het falende rechtssysteem on My Opinion About Things

Met het verdwijnen en de zoektocht naar Anne Faber, werden er in minder dan twee weken tijd ineens een hele hoop mensen met hun neus op de feiten gedrukt: ons rechtssysteem deugt niet. Dat wisten we, op zich, allang, maar met de dood van een (plotseling) zeer geliefd meisje -met alle respect voor de nabestaanden; […]...

Interferon on My progress and recovery from Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia

Interferon. Pegylated Interferon.  These were not words I enjoyed hearing or being told it was a drug I would have to try.  The first Interferon was so rank that they re-made it so it wasn’t as bad for patients.  As a sensitive responder hearing these words made me feel.  Well, sick actually.  If the first one was that fucking rank it was re-made, how the hell was I going to react to the ‘nice one’?!?!
So after...

silt. on Basement of my Brain

I am wading

through a mire of

wrongs done,

I am dreaming of boats.


my bare feet sink into the silt

of tiny decomposing lies

washed by this dirty water:

I’m remembering



when we could see down

to the bottom as the light cut

straight through

and we could

swallow as we swam

without getting dirty mouths.


I keep splashing...

Mist Coloured Room on Experimental Fiction

It’s cool and removed, With a scent of the past, Successes and failures, Colour the mast, And where I must stay For my beauty to bloom, Forever alone In my mist coloured room. It’s quiet and still, A place to be heard, The shouts of the world, Take flight like a bird, And where I […]...