Some people on Twitter just cannot contain themselves to 140 characters. Here's a selection of some of their writings from their own blogs. Like Twitter, it's a mash up of the deeply personal to highly whimsical, with some great creative & visual art thrown in as well. Hope you enjoy it.

BEING Young & Twenty Submission • Ryanne on Young & Twenty

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Follow On Instagram Ryanne McLaren
A Bookish Charm
Age • 20

“I have moments of “I can’t do this” and “adulting is the...

Mental health blogging  on bustythewench

This is an interesting blog. It echoes some of my own experience.
I don’t know the future of this blog, but these are encouraging words.


Tits in glorious colour on bustythewench

Been a while since I’ve posted a pic. 

Usually I choose moody b&w images

So for a change here are glorious and colourful tits 


Love & Lust • The Same Broken Pieces on Young & Twenty

“Loving you is the intimidating unknown.”

How do you ask the person that steals your heart to fall in love with your imperfections, before they dare fall in love with you? Loving you is the intimidating unknown and unlike your friends and family, this person may walk away.

They have the right to be scared.

Uncertain of a relationship with you and your insecurities....

Hear Me Roar on No Empty Words

There are few moments in life when you’re aware something important is happening. Something huge. For most people, it’s weddings, funerals, births, educational achievements, work goals. With most other significant events, it’s not till much later that you look back and realise the full impact they had on you. Yesterday was an exception.  I had […]...

BEING Young & Twenty Submission • Megan on Young & Twenty

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Megan Sacks
Defeating A Specter
Age • 23

“I have no friends who maintain contact with me that I haven...

Giving Author Talks 2: More tips on Carol Hedges

St Albans Lit Fest 2016In the last blog, we looked at the mechanics of...

Mental Health • OCD Is The Fear Of Wrong on Young & Twenty

“It’s an incredibly powerless feeling to lose control to your thoughts.”

OCD is the fear of wrong.

Wrong placement.
Wrong timing.
Wrong outcome.

It’s tidy chaos.
A disguised flaw.

OCD rituals allow your mind to manifest its disorganization and stress.

It’s subconsciously using physical items (the things you have the most control over) as an anchor for when the...

My 10th Cancerversary on My progress and recovery from Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia

I genuinely don’t really know what to say.  I just re-read the post I did on my 8thCancerversary as Bloodwise very kindly tweeted it and it was far more profound than anything I can think of to say today.
As always, the lead up is worse than the day.  Yesterday was a bit tricky with unexpected tears in a networking meeting that wasn’t exactly what I had planned. This week is always a very vivid one. Remembering how I was and what...

BEING Young & Twenty Submission • Gina on Young & Twenty

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Follow On Instagram Gina Leipnik
Going Gaga
Age • 25

“Plants need the right environment to grow. So...

Small Business Review • BooTea | The Truth Behind The ‘TeaTox’ on Young & Twenty

BooTea is a ‘trendy’ diet assisting tea that has made its way into the hands of BIG name celebrities and reality TV stars (such as The Kardashians and Teen Mom girls).

With its catchy packaging and fun branding, BooTea comes in the form of 2 types of tea including...

Snapshot 5 on Experimental Fiction

Night driving again. Headlights of approaching cars growing out of the dark like an onrushing double sun, disappearing behind and leaving an after image in the eye, the red glow of rear lights in the rear view mirror. Left alone once more, within the metal bubble of warmth, road noise, and isolation. Journeys always seem […]...

BEING Young & Twenty Submission • Chelsea on Young & Twenty

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Follow On Instagram Chelsea Williams
Cancemini Art
Age • 26

“It means losing everything you thought would last....

Wild Within Me on Experimental Fiction

I once took pleasure in the flesh, Debased God given form, Not caring what or who I used, Railed hard against the norm. Kith and kin despaired aloud, Showing me their pity, But I’d respond with knowing grin, Blame the wild within me. Through night and shadows I did play, In dens of lust and […]...

Love & Lust • Just Another Guy on Young & Twenty

“They’ll never know the places we’ve travelled or the stories we’ve told – all while never letting go.”

Girls will meet you.

They’ll shake your hand, learn your name, and catch a glimpse of your mischievous smile.

But, they’ll never know the comfort I get when my hand is interlocked in yours. They’ll never know the places we’ve traveled or the stories we’ve told...

BEING Young & Twenty Submission • Kait on Young & Twenty

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Follow On Instagram Kait Mauro
Deer Heart
Age • 25

“I want to focus on what I do have to be grateful for instead of wishing I had...

salvation. on Basement of my Brain


every time I sank, stone heavy

drowning in all my shattered selves

you would pull me from the wreckage

a deadweight, laughing far too loud,

the desperate hysteria of a hollow soul.


then you'd clean me up, put me back together

collect the shattered pieces I had strewn across our life.


and I was sorry and I'd never do it again

then I did it again and again


The Lead Up on My progress and recovery from Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia

Well my lovely bloglets,

Some thoughts have been tumbling around my head so I thought I would sit down and write.  As I do.  To get them out.

6 days.

In 6 days 10 years ago, possibly right at this moment the phone rang and a chain of events happened that I never thought would be.


This week is a funny one.  It's one that I remember so vividly.  Even though it was...

An Unfortunate Incident in the Bathroom on ogginblog

I’m going to tell you about a thing that happened.  It’s a bit embarrassing and might be considered oversharing.  So be it.  Now, the title might be worrying you somewhat, particularly in light of recent revelations involving the President-elect.  Don’t worry; it’s not that kind of story.  You need some background: I’m getting work done on the bathroom and it’s a bit of a building site at the moment. That being said, it has a...

RealTalk Poetry • People Come Back on Young & Twenty


Don’t let it be all you know.
The way people come back when they have no place to go.

The way people will drag you through mud and hard dirt;
with no care or concern,
’bout the way it would hurt.


BEING Young & Twenty Submission • Chris on Young & Twenty

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Follow On Instagram Christopher Michael
Age • 28

“I cannot even begin to tell you how many regrets I have for time that I’ve wasted.”

BEING Young & Twenty is...

Snapshot 3 on Experimental Fiction

Fishlake National Forest, just outside Utah, is where we buried it. Wrapped in a blanket, which we took from the cupboard in the hall, where all the bedding and towels are kept. When we made the decision, there was no going back. And to paraphrase Macbeth, “If it were done, then ’twere well it were […]...

Small Business Review • The Bee Box on Young & Twenty

The Bee Box is a quarterly subscription box that brings you artwork and handmade goodies, featuring exclusive pieces that you can ONLY find in The Bee Box. Everything is designed and created by the talented founder of this subscription service: Kristen Winkelbauer...

Don’t You Miss The Way Things Were? on Young & Twenty

There’s no denying the fast changing world we live in.

Social Media and technology have (and continue) to take over our lives and is quickly destroying the little things as it grows. We’re now nostalgic for the things that are only a memory. The simplicity we once took for granted.

What would you consider a pleasure that
we’ve lost to technology?
Let me know in the comments!...

BEING Young & Twenty Submission • Abby on Young & Twenty

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Follow On Instagram Abby Tesch
Abby’s Fight
Age • 18

“A lot can change in the next few years but my short glimpse of...

Giving Author Talks: Top Tips on Carol Hedges

St Albans Literary Festival 2016
Once it comes to public notice that you...

RealTalk Poetry • You Walked Away So Easy on Young & Twenty


You walked away so easy.
You didn’t scream or cry.

You didn’t punch a wall,
and you didn’t ask me “why?”

You walked away so easy.
I guess you didn’t care.

You didn...

Numb on No Empty Words

Hope is touted as a positive thing. Something that keeps people going. Hope has been my undoing. Always cynical, but really wanting to believe the best of people, giving second chances, wanting to trust, being too scared to. My heart constantly battling my head. The hope never lasts, giving way to despair again. Let down, […]...

Quick tip: Close hung SSH sessions and other escape sequences on

Here is a quick SSH tip that I only discovered a month or two ago despite years of using SSH on a daily basis. When SSH freezes, as can sometimes happen if the network connection drops, it is possible to kill the connection more elegantly than just by closing the terminal tab (my previous way of dea