Some people on Twitter just cannot contain themselves to 140 characters. Here's a selection of some of their writings from their own blogs. Like Twitter, it's a mash up of the deeply personal to highly whimsical, with some great creative & visual art thrown in as well. Hope you enjoy it.

I Name Thee on Experimental Fiction

Wickedness, I name thee, For all the pain you cause, Not once did pity cross your mind, Nor give you moments pause. Cruelty, I name thee, For all the spite revealed, Giving air to words of hate, To make me so to kneel. Jealousy, I name thee, My happiness you stole, Forever stay me in […]...

Stalking on Experimental Fiction

All at once, a life extinguished, Dark the deed by one who can’t Distinguish between good or ill, And through the night forever Will be seen among the shadows deep, To trawl through all our waking Sleep and bring to light such evil scenes, And tracks our footsteps where we’ve Been with lovers old & […]...

Evil Is As Evil Does on Experimental Fiction

A callous act, a guilt returned, To punish those for what was spurned. So swift to hurt, not one regret, And with a cruelty not seen yet. Evil is, as evil does, Even Satan was once above. A wicked sin, a cold regard, And thinking all are on their guard, A blinding light, though dark […]...

To The Bone on My Opinion About Things

With Lily Collins, Keanu Reeves, Lili Taylor, Brooke Smith and many others. This film, which is said to be the first one about anorexia nervosa, doesn’t bore one bit. We follow Ellen -beautifully portraited by Lily Collins- who has just walked away from the last clinic she was admitted to for gaining purposes. Ellen actually […]...

Reborn on Experimental Fiction

Chase the light behind the dream, Where tales are never what they seem, Behold the lies, All hows and whys, The sound of silent screams. Run the roads where trav’llers roam, Explore the paths away home, Deny the truth, Ignore the proof, For sins you may atone. Lose yourself within the storm, Take heart when […]...

For Nought on Experimental Fiction

And so, for nought, did I gift my heart, For nought did I leave my past; Did no words writ, by poor man’s ink, Make marks so stained to last? Why so, did she, remove herself? Did she no longer love? With my all gifts, I could not bring A light from heaven above. And […]...

Beauty  on Experimental Fiction

Such beauty, Ne’er seen before ‘neath glancing Moon; What blessing, Given to such poor wretch as I, When all about me be poor and Unseen? O, gracious saintly sight, Be you ever grateful for that, Granted so, that may cause the very Moon to hide her face in shame....

Shout Your Name on Experimental Fiction

Through fire and ice, I came, Through storm and sea, I came, Through all the trials a God could throw, Just to shout your name. Through night and dark, I came, Through miles and miles, I came, Through games of sin from devil’s mind, Just to shout your name. Through time and tide, I came, […]...

Say My Name on Experimental Fiction

Say my name, as dusk arrives, Fear not the coming dark, I hold at bay, the dreams of night, The hounds that roar and bark.  Say my name, in moonlit room, Be brave against the cold, Let simple words protect you still, From evil great and old.  Say my name, at midnight’s toll, Though hours […]...

Forgotten Is Me on Experimental Fiction

From where I now sit, I can gaze  Upon trees and their time withered bows, And their too fickle leaves. Alone as I am, abandoned And free from the burden of family, Forgotten is me. From where I now sit, I can hear Voices sing to the highest of heavens, Causing sweet tones to ring. […]...

Travel on Experimental Fiction

And so she took my hand and said, “Come take to the air with me, Why rest your head, and stay in bed, When we could fly and be free?” But with a sigh, I don’t know why, I turned and spurned her plea, “Flying in the morning light, Is not for likes of me”. […]...

De Man Die Niet Van Robots Hield on My Opinion About Things

Iedereen is blij als er op een dag een zorgrobot komt meehelpen in de instelling. De robot ondersteunt het personeel en verovert al snel de harten van de bewoners. Zelfs de digitale nepaandacht wordt welkom ontvangen. Dan komen enkele bewoners van de instelling ineens op mysterieuze wijze te overlijden. Een van de bewoners die helemaal […]...

the lily and the rose. on Basement of my Brain


when you

lay me down

for the last time

when my embers

all turn cold -


you put my body

in the white dress

to show my purity,

a resting angel


and saintly -


washed clean,

as though

my life had

never been:

no blood,

no bruises

no fight.



this now,

this is...

Hoe duur was de suiker? on My Opinion About Things

Een film van Nederlandse bodem over de slavernij in Suriname, helaas veel te kort geleden. Opvallend is dat de slaven in deze film aanzienlijk beter acteerwerk neerzetten dan hun tegenpolen, de witte eikels. Dieptepunt zijn wel de twee dames, gespeeld door Gaite Jansen en Anna Raadsveld, die duidelijk nooit hebben geleerd om op het witte […]...

Lost My Happy on My progress and recovery from Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia

So I know a lot of you have probably been wondering how I’ve been.  A blog with a big bombshell and then a couple of follow up posts on how I’ve been and then silence.
I suppose the reason why is that I’ve been processing and not really wanting to acknowledge or admit what’s happening.  I have realised though, that some of my Bloodwise Ambassador lot want to know what’s happening, have been worrying and that it’s not fair for me...

March-May Reading on

Doctorow is both an entertaining author and very much on the right (by which I mean left/anarchist) side of politics. His futuristic utopia is set in a world where people are kept artificially poor in the midst of post scarcity merely to keep the capit

Anastasia on My Opinion About Things

This film, that reminds strongly of a Disney-film because of the style of drawing and the style of music, is really anything but. The story is about Anastasia, who is born and raised in the rich aristocracy of Russia, where, during a party, Rasputin has invited himself, cursing all of the Romanov family. Which Anastasia […]...

The Drama Triangle and the Winner’s Triangle on No Empty Words

Originally posted on Depression Support Network:
The Drama Triangle was originally developed in 1968 by Stephen Karpman, a Transactional Analysis trainer, as a way of graphically displaying the dance that occurs whenever we make someone else responsible for how we feel. According to Karpman, any time we don’t take...

through. on Basement of my Brain



it surrounds us, now.

we got swept up, long ago:

many minds on many paths,

but once the wind hit,

once the floods came

and lightning flashed blind terror

through our veins,

the devastation,

oh the devastation

was the same.


we were beaten down

by rain, so heavy

that it dragged our bones

and stole our sun,

left us...

Dune Raffia Clutch on knowingkimberly

I’m a very organised person. I have clear outs and Spring cleans and tidy ups all the time. But as I’ve said before I’m a bit crap when it comes to organising myself. I keep saying I’m going to diet but I don’t. I am FOREVER moaning about my hair and promising to cut it/dye it/shave it but I don’t. And I am always lamenting the contents of my wardrobe saying I will buy stuff but I never do...

The One on knowingkimberly

Currently giving The One by John Marrs a go. 


Top Heavy Dresses on knowingkimberly

If, like me, you are top heavy then buying dresses sometimes feels like Mission Impossible. I have liked many a dress only to try it on to find it is either a) shapeless and sack-like, making me look twice as big as I am or b) well fitted to all parts except the front which lacks coverage and makes me look like…well… a hooker. Actually I’m nearly 40, so an over-the-hill hooker?

Just because I have an ample...

it is only now. on Basement of my Brain


I need to feel the wheel turning, to know

that I am not standing still inside this year

(after the last spent half-frozen,

barely moving at all.)


but here I am: lost in a jumble

of uncertain days, nows becoming thens

that pile up behind, until a sudden

lurch and

tumble forward

passing in a crash

into an unmarked future -


so without...

No Words on My progress and recovery from Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia

I have no words.  I don’t know what to say.  I don’t know what to write.  I don’t really know why I am doing this.  My head is empty.  It’s gone.
It started slowly a couple of days ago and seems to have hit me smack in the face today.
I’m exhausted.
I’m on a half dose – I take Ponatinib every other day.  No one else takes it like that.  It was ok.  Legs started...

GE17 – what a mess, eh? on Good enough will have to do

You may not have noticed, but there’s something that’s going to happen tomorrow, Thursday June 8th 2017, that’s a bit of a pain, frankly. I hate being asked to choose my favourite, because it almost always depends on circumstances. I have no one favourite of anything, not even tea. Shocker, I know. But how do you choose an MP that will not only represent you for the next few years, but the party to set policy for the country...

Roses  on knowingkimberly

We recently visited the National Trust property Basildon Park and got to walk round Lady Illife’s beautiful rose garden.  

We went on a Bank Holiday Monday that was a bit grey and wet (aren’t they always?!) but I have to admit it made the rose garden no less lovely. If anything the glistening droplets of water on the petals made them even prettier. 


Call for Volunteer Cowley Explorers: deadline 20th June 2017 on Nor

When 2nd July 2017. Deadline 20th June. Where Oxford, UK Info is a DIY community history project. We are building an open access archive of Oxford's...

Women’s Voices on No Empty Words

A few weeks ago, I was speaking to the wonderful Heather, (known on twitter as @betamother) who was telling me about an idea she had for a project. She wanted to focus on centring women’s voices and what better way to do that than by talking about grandmothers? After all, everybody’s got one. She kindly […]...

Bravery is an option, not an obligation on No Empty Words

Originally posted on The Guyliner:
It’s interesting to note that in a world where people constantly claim anyone with a conscience or a complaint is being a “special snowflake”, stoicism is still pushed as an ideal, and largely adhered to, whenever there’s a hugely terrifying incident. It’s the stiff upper lip as a call to...