Some people on Twitter just cannot contain themselves to 140 characters. Here's a selection of some of their writings from their own blogs. Like Twitter, it's a mash up of the deeply personal to highly whimsical, with some great creative & visual art thrown in as well. Hope you enjoy it.

Bravery is an option, not an obligation on No Empty Words

Originally posted on The Guyliner:
It’s interesting to note that in a world where people constantly claim anyone with a conscience or a complaint is being a “special snowflake”, stoicism is still pushed as an ideal, and largely adhered to, whenever there’s a hugely terrifying incident. It’s the stiff upper lip as a call to...

Quebec House on knowingkimberly

If you’re a regular reader of this blog you’ll know I went to visit Chartwell the other day. On the way home we also stopped in at Quebec House. 

It’s literally a 5 minute drive down the road from Chartwell so it seemed silly not to. 


the poems that aren't. on Basement of my Brain


half started

or half finished

but nothing whole

I'm fragmented

as my words

scattered over

several notebooks

in bits and

in pieces

ideas tailing off

or falling out tangled

on top of each other

tumbling onto the page.


I am all the lines unused

all the stories that go nowhere

all the poems

that aren't.

Lost on No Empty Words

Originally posted on smallroundblog:
I have lost my best friend. Maybe lost is the wrong word. They haven’t died but I feel the empty space where they used to be acutely.? We were friends for over two years. I met him originally at a tweet up and after it had finished I dropped him off…...

The day I broke  on Ramdom thoughts


No one is coming to our rescue.

Our social worker is a chocolate teapot who’s broken record repertoire of ‘no funding’and ‘nothing they can do’ is...

Clematis on knowingkimberly

Almost as soon as I pressed the publish button on my previous post I decided I’d placed my clematis’ the wrong way round. 

So this morning I took a risk and swapped them over. Thing is the Nelly Moser was a late addition whereas if I’d bought them all at the same time I’d have done this from the start. But hey that’s...

Chemo Free and Feeling GOOD on My progress and recovery from Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia

Well my lovely bloglets,
I tend to write this when I either feel fucking miserable and need to get things out of the head to stop myself from going mad.  Or something amazing has happened and I want to show off.
Today, it’s neither of those things.  I am writing because I feel happy and like me again!
It’s taken two weeks for me to feel like this again, a little longer than I was hoping, but, it’s here!!
So what...

VALE COLVINIUS on World of Moose

I have sometimes mused on how twitter friendships can be like getting to know someone through a keyhole. Of course we all present a certain version of ourselves to the world but on twitter this is often accentuated. You can have daily conversations with people and have no idea of their real name, what they do, even (as I have discovered on occasion) what gender they are. And yet in other ways you can know them very well from the glimpses they...

Did You Hear About The Morgans? on My Opinion About Things

This film, starring Hugh Grant, Sarah Jessica Parker, Sam Elliott, Mary Steenburgen, Elisabeth Moss and various others, has a cast that I’d normally expect more from. Not all of them, I’ll admit. And I don’t expect any acting from Sarah Jessica Parker, which is exactly what happens. She’s just a spoilt brat having to move […]...

Climbers  on knowingkimberly

Just after Easter I decided I wanted to buy an arch for our garden. I’ve wanted one since we went on a garden safari last year and saw several. 

Being the nervous sort I was worried about spending a lot on an arch in case it didn’t work out. What if it looked stupid or didn’t suit the garden? 

So I just opted for...

Laminaat/ Wooden floor on My Opinion About Things

Van de week hebben we onze geliefde kat begraven, een droeve gebeurtenis. Het betrof een eigenaardig beestje, wat mijn man al ruim 16 jaar gezelschap hield, mij zo’n 11 jaar. Nu moest ik ineens denken aan één van de keren dat ons geliefde beest had besloten weg te lopen. Dat is meerdere malen gebeurd, maar […]...

Strong Annabelle on knowingkimberly

I have been looking for something to put in a gap at the end of my garden. It’s been bare since we had some of the fence panels replaced. It just wasn’t the time of year you’d want to risk planting something new so it’s been left abandoned and has thus far served as a litter tray for the local cats. 

I am a bit of a hydrangeaaholic so decided to buy two Strong Annabelles.


Normal. What is that anyway? on My progress and recovery from Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia

Desperate to be normal. But what is that? I have been different for the last 10 years because of living with a chronic cancer. I want to highlight that I am living with it. It is not me. I am not it. I am not defined by it. But yes of course it does impact on me, shapes me, is partly responsible for who I am today. Diagnosed at 22 - such formative years. Would I be who I am today anyway? I don't know. 
So it's mental health week....

Pillow on knowingkimberly

Most people are creatures of habit. They always eat the same cereal for breakfast. They have a wee first thing. They complain about their kids not turning the lights off/putting the loo seat down/ tidying up… because that’s what they always do. 

Or in my husband’s case they have a nightly ritual that I like to call That’s Not My Pillow. 

That’s Not My Pillow occurs every night ...

TV Picks on knowingkimberly

For reasons too absurd and long to go into we currently have access to Virgin, SKY, Netflix and Amazon Prime. Due to this televisual abundance I have become rather choosy about what I watch. Why watch yet another Top Gear repeat on Dave when THERE’S SO MUCH GOOD TELLY ON! So with that in mind here are some of my top picks.

Black Sails (Amazon) 


Lies & Handmaids  on knowingkimberly

I’ve just finished Sometimes I Lie by Alice Feeney. 


On not completing poetry and the near future… on Wild Writes

So, didn’t quite achieve a poem a day like last year. Partly because I’m writing up, partly because of the onslaught of bad news, partly because I didn’t have a solid theme. I will do better next year!

TwatBegone: A much nicer twitter on

A while ago, my buddy Oxguin was thinking about the blocking on Twitter, specifically because of Donald Trump. What happens, you see, is that when Trump says something twattish, as he is wont to do, all the non-twattish people on Twitter start telling him how much of a twat he is for saying it.

Clunch  on knowingkimberly

When we moved into our house there was lots of “…the best thing is we don’t have to do anything!”. Two years on we’ve redecorated half the rooms in the house with the stairs and hall being a particular bugbear of my husband’s. “I hate the green in the hallway” he announces on an almost weekly basis, so the other day I just decided to book the decorators and GET IT DONE. He doesn’t...

Last One on ogginblog

As April leaves and May comes into sight,

I pause to breathe a sigh of great relief;

This poem is the last I need to write

And so, I think I’ll keep my writing brief.

A lack of inspiration holds me back,

I have no motivation to begin.

A stimulus, a muse is what I lack:

No strong emotion bursts out from within.

But still, the thought of finishing this chore

May spur me on and help...

Up Here on ogginblog

The view is so clear from the top of the hill,

There’s nothing the eye can’t see.

I stand in the breeze with my hair in my face,

Enjoying the peace in my favourite place,

The river below moving at its own pace

And my mind floating over it, free.


The sounds filter up the top of the hill,

Lyrical, soft, yet clear.

I close my eyes and I let them drift by,

Touching my...

99 on ogginblog

I’ve got 99 problems and the fridge is one,

It won’t keep things cold because the motor’s gone.

I can’t buy myself my yoghurt in a family pack

Unless I’m going to eat the lot of them as soon as I get back.


I’ve got 99 problems and the cats are two,

As I’m sifting through the litter for a shovelful of poo.

There’s an ex-mouse in the kitchen...

forget-me-nots. on Basement of my Brain

out in the damp grey evening,

melancholy clouds barely holding in their tears:

a choked back sob of a sky.


all is clay and slate and ash

in the absence of the sun;

yet, though subdued, spring is still here.

it's in the blue forget-me-nots

with their yellow star hearts

that grow wild, shouting to the sky,

reminding it of better days,

trying to tempt

a tiny smile...

The light at the end of the tunnel seems to be getting brighter! on Ramdom thoughts


This past weekend revealed that my recovery has taken a few leaps forward!

Over the past six weeks I have been...

Night on ogginblog

Over the silent park the low mist hangs;

Blue and smoky shadow maps carved in relief.

Distant silver giants glimpsed through leaves

Glare across the distance.

Brush away the fog and bare the bones;

Chill fingers writing in the sky,

Stark words, bleak prose.

Step back into the small hours and give in.


Bone Marrow Transplant? on My progress and recovery from Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia

Well my lovely bloglets,
I’ve got a really big decision to make.  Well, at least I’m pretty sure I need to make the decision; that’s not already made.  There might be another option, going by recent history it won’t be better.  It was a bombshell that blindsided me a bit.  A lot.  Spent most of Monday in a bit of a daze.  So unexpected.  My gut reaction was ‘thank god and do it’, but then my brain kicked...