Some people on Twitter just cannot contain themselves to 140 characters. Here's a selection of some of their writings from their own blogs. Like Twitter, it's a mash up of the deeply personal to highly whimsical, with some great creative & visual art thrown in as well. Hope you enjoy it.

Boogschieten/Shooting a bow on My Opinion About Things

Op het idee gebracht door diverse vrienden die ik dat al eens had zien doen op foto’s, had ik besloten dat ik dit als verjaarscadeau wilde. Dat liet m’n man zich geen tweede keer zeggen. Een oud schermmaatje van hem, Michiel Fritz, bleek lid te zijn van een boogschietclub. Hij kon ons beiden wel instrueren. […]

What If on My Opinion About Things

Daniel Radcliffe, Mackenzie Davis, Zoe Kazan, Rafe Spall, Adam Driver and many others. With a cast that consists of players you’ve seen on Black Mirror, Harry Potter and It’s Complicated, it’s good enough to stick around. I do believe they had to, as some of the dialogue really, really doesn’t make any normal sense. And […]

Oh, Jenbee, don’t be a clot… on Wild Writes

The needle slips into the vein in the crook of my right arm, a pinching sensation, then there’s nothing until, when flicked accidentally, the pain is like the needle: small, slim, silver, sharp. I had a blood test on Wednesday and now I am waiting for the results. This is not a new phenomenon for me but this time, I thought, that I would write about it. I thought that maybe someone might find it useful if they’re going through...

Aaaaaaaand I'm BACK!! on My progress and recovery from Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia

Well Bloglets,

I know it's been a while.....

So.  You won't believe it.  A HAPPY ME!!!  I know.  A rarity.  I'm fully aware of that.  It's just a fucker that it mainly happens when I'm off treatment, which as you all well know is not often and not for long.

I thought I had better document it before it went and I'm miserable and whingy again.  Because I know how much you all love...

The PINK SOFA meets Writer and Farmer, Diana Ashworth on Carol Hedges

Many years ago, in 1961, I was sitting, age 11, on...

Biologische maiswafels met zeezout, AH on My Opinion About Things

Je kunt tegenwoordig heel wat soorten wafels bij het Albert Heyn scoren, speltcrackers, rijstewafels met zeezout, biologische rijstewafels met appel, honing, peer, chocola, noem maar op. Maar ik was nu eens benieuwd naar de maiswafels. Ze smaken zeker niet slecht, maar wat me het meest opviel: het is net of je popcorn zit te eten, […]

Jolet op de viersprong, L. van der Meer-Prins on My Opinion About Things

Dit boek verslond ik gretig, als veertienjarige. Het stond in de boekenkast van m’n moeder. Jolet, oudste van vier kinderen thuis, en bijzonder goed in leren, komt in dit boek op een kruispunt (de viersprong) van haar leven te staan. Net geslaagd is ze, en nu? Studeren? Dat gaat nogal wat kosten. Dus moet ze […]

Dinner For Schmucks on My Opinion About Things

The first ten minutes are alright, then just pretend it says ‘the end’, think ‘huh, I would’ve thought more of it’ and let that be that. I don’t know why people keep thinking Steve Carell is funny. He isn’t, he never will be. The fact that de film greatly leans on him to be just […]

Open Source illustration: Oxford Botanic Gardens on Nor

This week I've been brushing up on Inskcape, the open source vector drawing program. I've been following the helpful how-to manual by...

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind on My Opinion About Things

With Jim Carrey, Kate Winslet, Kirsten Dunst, Elijah Wood and more. How would it be, if we would be able to erase every trace of a relationship we just had, in order to basically not feel the heartbrake that comes along with it? This film shows us the answer to that. Basically it’s messy, it […]

Super 8 on My Opinion About Things

With Joel Courtney, Zach Mills, Riley Griffiths, Elle Fanning, Gabriel Basso, Ryan Lee and many others. The story about a young group of friends who are having their amateuristical turn for film making, reminded me strongly of Stranger Things, in a way of The Blair Witch Project and E.T. Blair Witch Project actually only because […]

Changeling on My Opinion About Things

With Angelina Jolie, John Malkovich, Frank Wood and many others. Powerful portrait of a single mother, Christine Collins, in the late 20s, who comes home and finds her only kid Walter Collins missing. Aside the fact that this was in a time where it was far more usual to leave your kid(s) home alone while […]

I Kill Giants on My Opinion About Things

In first perspective, this film seems odd at the very least. A young girl, struggling with finding her identity and, as it seems, on the verge of puberty, tries to deal with that aswell. She is depicted as an outcast in school. During the film it reminds you somewhat of the antipole of Bridge to […]

Het verhaal van het verloren kind, Elena Ferrante #FerranteFever /The story of the lost child on My Opinion About Things

Dit laatste deel uit de reeks van de Napolitaanse romans beviel me eigenlijk het best. Natuurlijk, je hebt op z’n minst het eerste deel nodig om te begrijpen waar het over gaat, en het tweede en derde deel voor een groot deel ook, maar in dit laatste werk gebéurd eigenlijk het meest. Hoewel ik nog […]

Case 39 on My Opinion About Things

With Renee Zellweger, Bradley Cooper, Ian McShane, Jodelle Ferland and many others. A film that reminds strongly of The Omen, and an episode of Black Mirror. They just left out the religious part. It is a good effort to see Renee Zellweger break free from her famous Bridget Jones character. Indeed, I see someone who […]

Makespace Oxford launch party on Nor

Makespace Oxford is a new affordable working & making space in North Oxford. We threw a fun launch party and open studios event in July 2018 to welcome local people in and celebrate the official opening. Here are some photos I took at the event, including of people interacting with my 'collective dreaming & drawing booth'.

You can re-use these photos using a...

Luther (season 2) on My Opinion About Things

I was hoping to see a bit more success this season. Unfortunately. The team of Luther truly is its own anithero. No case ever gets solved, victims barely ever get out alive, the suspects are extremely weird and violent. Not like in any series I’ve ever seen before. They aren’t normally twisted in their minds. […]

Luther (season 1) on My Opinion About Things

With the famous Idriss Elba. This series, at least the entire first season, doesn’t make that much sense to me. The crimes are full of fullblown horror, people with such nasty brainwedges you can’t get a normal head around why they even do what they do and why to such heavy measures, and yet there […]

It’s all about me. Isn’t it? on My progress and recovery from Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia

I know I have a massive WHAT ABOUT ME complex. Also known as middle child syndrome and also getting so much attention since my diagnosis. Which has lessened over the years. Obviously. It’s old news. Time moves on. Other people get Cancer. Die from cancer. Get married. Have babies. Buy houses. Change jobs. All these things are important to them. I get that. I really do. 
What about me? And trust me. I’m so fucking bored...

Marcella (season 2) on My Opinion About Things

Yes, I know: if I wasn’t taken that much by season 1’s storyline, why bother with the second one, right? Because it was available, I guess. I just rolled into this one. On the plus side: two persons have been cast that I recognised from previous projects: it’s funny to see a Harry Potter character […]

Marcella (season 1) on My Opinion About Things

This series is so full of plotholes, it makes certain cheese from the Netherlands (called ‘holes cheese’,  yes, REALLY!) seem tasteful despite the fact that there’s hardly any cheese there. The reason I stuck with it anyway, is because it got me curious. The acting is not bad, but the background story very much is. […]

The Wave on My Opinion About Things

With Kristoffer Joner, Ane Dahl Torp, Jonas Hoff Oftebro, Edith Haagenrud-Sande and many others. Given that this film is Danish, I expected much quality. Unfortunately, even Denmark has its downsides, apparently. I did think it was a series at first, so given that it has a very slow start (things don’t happen until over half […]

Een Moeder Van Niks on My Opinion About Things

Dit geweldige boek van Annemarie Oster is een must voor elk, zichzelf niet al té serieus nemende moeder, maar ook voor hen die regelmatig met kinderen bezig zijn. Op zeer herkenbare, vlotte, komische en bijna poëtische wijze weet zij de lezer een prachtig beeld te schetsen van het dagelijks leven met haar twee zonen, die, […]

How I made a Barbarella-outfit out of an H&M jumpsuit on My Opinion About Things

Yes, I am without a hobby. You’ve got to be, when doing something like this, right? Fact is: I wrote a scifi book (well, that is my opinion, the one I wrote it for said it has a lack of spaceships?! – it has one, but, like Dr Who’s, it’s camouflaged!) and I wanted a […]

De Vrije Vogel En Zijn Kooien on My Opinion About Things

Ik moet zeggen dat ik erg dol ben op eufemismen. Daar is in dit boek gelukkig ook voldoende sprake van, maar toch kostte het me hier en daar enige moeite om ze te ontwaren. Eufemismen zijn tenslotte enorm tijdgevoelig, en aangezien dit boek niet echt van gisteren is… Hoe dan ook, we volgen in dit […]

New Card Range with Woodmansterne Cards on World of Moose

We've been working with Woodmansterne Cards to produce a new range of World of Moose cards.

They are currently available in some independent card stores and will be in the chains towards the end of the year. (Support your local independent!)