Some people on Twitter just cannot contain themselves to 140 characters. Here's a selection of some of their writings from their own blogs. Like Twitter, it's a mash up of the deeply personal to highly whimsical, with some great creative & visual art thrown in as well. Hope you enjoy it.

5 • Small Pleasures We Lost To Technology on Young & Twenty

There’s no denying the speed in which the world is turning and the way life is drastically changing. Technology is taking over and quickly destroying the little things as it grows. We’re now nostalgic for the things that are now only a memory. We can merely let a smile escape our lips at the very thought of the things we once took for granted.

What would you consider a pleasure that we lost to technology?
Let me...

September 2016 reading on

I can’t resist a bargain. Paying 60p for a book with a 1 pound sticker on the front does, I believe, constitute a bargain. The text, dating from 1990 is actually a pretty solid PL introduction and fairly compre

Fifth Birthday on Wild Writes

Traces and prints; sometimes I wonder if you were ever there.

Inky traces. Sometimes I wonder if you ever were.

Five years ago you were a stone
marbled grey, except your piggy pink toes,
cold to touch.

Seasons shift. Constellations are
the pour...

Inspiration or Perspiration? #Amwriting on Carol Hedges

So here we are, almost the end of September, and I am trying not to put the central heating on,...

5 • Things Our Parents Say That Finally Makes Sense on Young & Twenty

We’ve spent years of our lives – convinced that our parents spoke their own language and lived in their own world. We refused to accept that the phrases they told us were another far fetch attempt to prove us wrong, and make us feel stupid.

Adulthood comes with A LOT of realizations; meaning we’ve finally learned the reality of our parents once irritating sayings. They were telling the truth, after all.

They were simply being...

Frass on franiathecatlady

Frass (n) the refuse left by boring insects

In the snug in the Bug in a Rug Inn an insect holds forth about the life he has led.

“I’ve lived in that old church piano all of my life, bug and pupa and it has given me all that I can ever need. People ask me why I’ve never moved, but why should I? Some people might like more exotic climes, like rosewood or walnut, but good old-fashioned ash is fine...

song for moloch on Basement of my Brain

you've eaten nothing

but your words

all this time

you look so thin

skin stretched to glass

always looking in

at all that was

all that won't be

everything lost

in the embers of me.

I was baptised by fire

burned, burned alone:

hours turned to days turned

to weeks turned to months

turned to stone.

A ghost from the past  on bustythewench

I rejoined a dating site the other night, I’d hit rock-bottom. 

When my matches came up I was not prepared to see the photograph of a friend of mine, who sadly died several years ago. 

His profile is forever frozen in time several years ago, when he was 31. 

Reading his profile reminded me of how good a person he was, about how much joy he found in life, even after being diagnosed with a terminal...

The Pitfalls & Pratfalls of Self-Publishing an Ebook on Carol Hedges

Anecdotally, it is very easy to publish an ebook on Amazon Kindle. Anecdotally, it is as easy as uploading a post to Facebook. Yep....

The research rollercoaster – final year of phd on Wild Writes

Second year turned out to be a mixture of doubt and epiphany, success and strife. There were many moments of joy; I won a couple of prizes, I’ve run workshops, I’ve developed a bond with the borough of Rochdale, and I feel like I know the shape of my thesis even though I’m struggling at times to find the words.  At the same time there have...

Modern business and the art of tweeting on World of Moose

We were flattered to be featured in The Times Business section today.

The very talented and patient journalist David Waller @diagonaldave managed to distill hours of us blathering on into an article that makes us look like we have a plan! 

He arrived on the first morning of the new Autumn term, ours boys had...

A most elaborate form of self-harm on bustythewench

**be careful when reading as I discuss feelings of self-hate and food-related issues**

I disgust myself. 

I’ve been on weight-loss journey now for just over 2yrs. 

In my first 12 months I lost 6 stones (84lbs)

Since I hit that landmark I have found it increasingly more difficult to lose weight, and have regained nearly 1.5 stones of that weight. 

I find it so damn hard to untangle food...

Get some vim and vigour on

Little helper.

A photo posted by Beth McMillan (@teraspawn) on Oct 8, 2015 at 6:16am PDT

I have a peculiar fondness for programs that you can use at the terminal without having to pop out into something graphical, because I spend a lot of time logged into machines that I'm not physically sitting at, and which don't always have a great deal of memory...